New upgraded box truss TT45 with central bottom chord | Truss Aluminium Factory
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The design of TT45 originated from the standard 400x400mm (16x16 inch) square truss series. There are now 5 main tubes in TT45 instead of 4 main tubes in the standard model. The extra bottom chord represents an added value of keeping clamped accessories in a balanced position. LED screens or any hanging applications are thanks to the centre chord much easier to be connected to the truss system.  Within the TT45 line there are available straight segment lengths up to 300 cm.



50x4mm (2.0 x 0.16inch)


25x3mm (0.98 x 0.12inch)


EN-AW 6082 T6
TAF Static Approved CE
TAF Truss Aluminium | TT45 | FT Truss

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